Online Educational Pioneer

eLearning Consultant

Education and technology professional with 8+ years of experience with designing and facilitating effective and engaging curricula for learners of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Creative and innovative leader with a track record of developing inventive and successful learning experiences. 


Bianca Alvarado is the co-founder of Casa Azul Productions, a full service digital media production company. We produce highly creative online curricula that are innovative and interactive that is accessible to all learners, regardless of income, socio-economic status, and learning capabilities.

She is also the founder of Baja Urban, a Digital Marketplace for Socially Conscious and Multicultural Illustrated Books and Media. 



Website Ebook

Created Website Design eBook in Spanish along with supplemental material.

UX Design Workbook

Created curriculum and guided design for UX Design Workbook on Website Design.

Online Courses

Design all layouts and content for Website Development & Autodesk Illustration Course.

Design Principles:

Stakeholder Engagement

Conduct a needs analysis to identify learning requirements based on the organization's goals, user's needs, and stakeholder's interests.

User Experience Design

Design and craft courses with content that is relevant, motivational, and engages students in active online learning.

Multicultural Learning

Culturally relative content creation based on the users' culture, demographics, background, geographical location, and learning needs.

Video & Audio

Current consulting project

Online Curriculum Developer –
Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF)

As a High School Teacher and through my consulting businesses, I have had the privilege of designing, facilitating and evaluating a multitude of diverse curricula, lesson plans and workshops that are age-appropriate, are aligned with 21st Century Skills, and that also utilize Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning principles.
Related Skills

Digital Design

Curriculum Design

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